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PCL vertical shaft impact crusher

PCL vertical shaft impact crusher


Feeding size:0-50mm

Application:crush various rocks, grinding materials, refractory, clinker, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate, etc. VSI series of crusher is most suitable to make construction sand.

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Brief introduction of pcl vertical shaft impact crusher
PCL vertical shaft impact crusher, also called the PCL vertical fine crusher, sand making machine called a crusher and sand making equipment. PCL vertical fine crusher is world widely used in substitution of cone crusher, to roll crusher, ball mill models, has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient disassembly, broken efficiency higher characteristic. The PCL crusher out of the particle size between 3mm-8mm, a small size of the material and even, and the durability of parts of strong, less vulnerable parts, and its maintenance is convenient. Energy consumption compared with the traditional crusher energy consumption is low, per hour capacity between 30-130 tons, production capacity.
Working principle of pcl vertical shaft impact crusher
Emission from the top to the ejection velocity into the middle of consist of material in the hopper into the crusher, the distributor of the material is divided into two parts, one part is composed of a feeder of high-speed rotation of the impeller, the impeller is rapid acceleration, the acceleration of up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, then to 60-70 meters / seconds from the impeller three uniform flow out, first with the feeder surrounded by self closing down a portion of the material crushing, and then along with the impact of the branched vortex cavity material lining layer, is the material lining layer rebound, oblique impact to eddy cavities, and change its direction of motion, partial to sports impeller out of the material to form a continuous material curtain. Such a piece of material is subjected to two or more chances of impact, friction and grinding and crushing in the vortex. The broken material is discharged from the discharging port of the lower part. And circular screening system to form a closed circuit, the general circulation of the material can be broken into 20 times the following three. In the whole breaking process, material mutualselfimpact crusher, and metal elements in direct contact, but with the material lining layer of impact, friction and grinding. This reduces the angle pollution, prolong mechanical wear time. The clever air circulation in the vortex chamber eliminates the dust pollution.

Features of PCL vertical shaft impact crusher.
1. High crushing efficiency, has finely, coarse grinding function;
2. Simple structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance and low operating cost;
3. Through the non broken material ability, material moisture content is small, the water content of up to 8%;
4. The product grain shape is excellent, the cube is very low, the needle is very low, and is suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand production and high grade road aggregate production;
5. Product bulk density, iron pollution is very small.

technical parameters        
type impeller speed  (r/min) max feed size(mm) Disposal capacity (t/h) Power weight (t) overall dimension
        (kw)   (mm)
PCL-600 2000-2470 30 20-35 60-90 7.5 2800×1500×2030
PCL-750 1500-2045 35 35-55 90-150 9.3 3300×1800×2440
PCL-900(A) 1200-1685 40 55-100 110-180 12.6 3750×2120×2660
PCL-603(B) 1100-1580 40 65-130 150-180 14.5 3750×2300×2090
PCL-1050 1000-1430 45 90-160 180-264 17 4480×2450×2906
PCL-1250 850-1300 45 160-230 364-370 22.5 4563×2650×3716
PCL-1350 800-1185 50 200-360 320-440 26.3 5340×2940×3650
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