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PC Hammer crusher

PC Hammer crusher


Feeding size:100-400mm

Application:crushing various materials like stone, granite, trap rock, coke, coal, manganese ore, iron ore, emery, fused aluminum, oxide, fused calcium carbide, lime stone, quartzite, alloys, etc.

Products with parameters

Features of Hammer Crusher:
1. The whole design is beautiful, and the structure of the machine is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution and leakage of the body.
2. Can be based on customer requirements, adjust the required size.
3. The hammer, using the new casting process, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance, is the upgrading of products.
Working Principle of Hammer Crusher:
Hammer crusher is mainly by impact crushing material, crushing process is roughly such, material enters the crusher, subjected to the impact of high-speed rotary hammer and broken, broken material, from the hammer gains kinetic energy, from high speed toward the frame body plate, screen, at the same time material collide, had been repeatedly broken, less than sieve. The gap between the material, discharged from the gap, individual larger material, in sieve bar again by hammer impact, grinding, squeezing and crushing, the material is hammer is extruded from the gap to obtain the required size of products.

Specifications Feeding Size Discharging size Capacity Motor power Total weight Dimensions
  (mm) (mm) (m³/h) (kw) (t) (L×W×H)(mm)
PCΦ400×300 ≤200 ≤25 5-10 11 0.8 900×670×860
PCΦ600×400 ≤250 ≤30 10-22 22 2.26 1200×1050×1200
PCΦ800×600 ≤250 ≤35 18-40 55 4.8 1310×1180×1310
PCΦ1000×800 ≤350 ≤35 25-50 75 5.9 1600×1390×1575
PCΦ1000×1000 ≤350 ≤35 30-55 90 8 1800×1590×1775
PCΦ1250×1250 ≤350 ≤35 35-65 132 14 2060×1600×1890
PCΦ1400×1400 ≤350 ≤35 50-100 280 32 2365×1870×2220
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