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PF Impact Crusher

PF Impact Crusher


Feeding size:300-800mm

Application:mining, transportation, energy, construction and chemical industry

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Application of impact crusher
This product can be broken down into the material particle size of not more than 500mm, compressive strength of no more than 350Mpa coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), is widely used in highway construction, water conservancy and electric power engineering field, has finished processing a cube, no tension and cracks, grain type perfect great crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.
Working principle of impact crusher
This machine is a kind of crushing machine which can use the impact energy to break the material. Work, under the driving of the motor rotor to rotate at a high speed, the material into the plate hammer function zone, and the rotor plate hammer impact crusher, then was thrown to counterattack device broken again, and then from the back lining board to board hammer area to break, this process is repeated, material from large to small into one, two, three, back cavity repeated broken, until the material is crushed to the required size, from the discharge port discharge. The gap between the counter frame and the rotor can be adjusted to change the particle size and the shape of the material.
Features and Benefits of impact crusher
1. The feed inlet is large and the crushing cavity is high, and the material with high hardness and large size is adapted;
2. High chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance, impact;
3. Product shape into a cube, the size of the perfect size, compressive strength, size of the particle size can be adjusted to simplify the crushing process;
4. Compact structure, strong rigidity of the machine, the rotor has a large moment of inertia;
5. The back plate and the plate hammer are convenient to adjust the gap between the plate and the plate, which can effectively control the particle size and the shape of the particles;
6. Can achieve a variety of functions, such as crushing and shaping.

Type Feeding Hole Dimension Maximum Feeding size Rotor Dimension Handling Ability Power Overall Dimension Weight
  (mm)  (mm) (mm*mm) (t/h) (kw) (mm*mm*mm) (t)
PF-1007 400*730 250 Φ1000*700 30~50 37-55 2440*1580*2672 9.8
PF-1010 400*1080 250 Φ1035*1050 50~80 55/90 2280*1804*2389 12.8
PF-1210 400*1080 350 Φ1250*1050 70~120 110 3165*2027*2729 14.6
PF-1214 400*1430 350 Φ1250*1400 95~145 132/160 2571*2403*2705 17
PF-1315 860*1520 350 Φ1320*1500 150~200 220 3154*2695*2613 21.5
PF-1320 860*2030 500 Φ1320*1200 200~280 315 3320*3218*2613 25
PF-1416 1052*1652 500 Φ1420*1600 280~350 355 3405*2813*2713 29
PF-1520 2040*1315 700 Φ1512*2000 350~450 400/450 4138*3422*3649 44
PF-1620 2040*1315 700 Φ1612*2000 400~600 500 4236*3572*3735 47
PF-1820 1620*2040 700 Φ1800*2000 550~800 630/710 4471*3250*4008 66
PF-2024 1800*2430 1200 Φ2000*2400 800~1100 1120 4800*4740*4180 115
PF-2325 2210*2540 1500 Φ2300*2500 1000~1400 1250/1400 5360*5075*4679 158
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