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Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor


Feeding size:0-900mm

Application:sand ,stone ,limstone,granite,basalt,riverstone,pebble,cobblestone

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Brief introduction of belt conveyor
Belt conveyor is a kind of friction driving machine which is transported in a continuous way. Mainly consists of frame, conveying belt, supporting roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device and so on. It can be the material in the transmission line, feed point from the initial to final unloading material formed of a material conveying process. It can not only carry on the transportation of the crushed material, but also can carry on the transportation of the goods. In addition to the purely material handling, but also can be compatible with the requirements of the process in the various industrial enterprises in the production process, the formation of the rhythmic flow transport line.
Working principle of belt conveyor
The belt conveyor is mainly composed of two end roller and a closed conveyor belt which is tightly sheathed on the belt conveyor. The roller which drives the conveying belt is called the drive drum, and the other one is to change the direction of the movement of the conveying belt. The driving roller is driven by a motor through a speed reducer, and the conveying belt is driven by the friction force between the driving roller and the conveying belt. The driving drum is generally installed at the unloading end, in order to increase the traction force, is conducive to drag. Material from the feed end of the feeding, falls on the rotation of the conveyor belt, conveyor belt friction drive is transported to the discharge end discharge.
Features of belt conveyor
1. Conveying ability, conveying distance.
2. Simple structure, easy to maintain.
3. Low cost, strong commonality.
4. Transportation is stable, the material and the conveyor belt does not have the relative movement, can avoid the damage to the conveyer.
5. Program control and automatic operation.

Belt Width (mm) Belt Length(m) / Power(kw) Belt Speed (m/s) Capacity (t/h)
400 ≤12/2.2 12-20/2.2-4 20-25/3.5-7.5 1.25-2.0 30-60
500 ≤12/3 12-20/3-5.5 20-30/5.5-7.5 1.25-2.0 40-80
650 ≤12/4 12-20/4-5.5 20-30/5.5-11 1.25-2.0 80-120
800 ≤10/4 10-15/4-5.5 15-30/5.5-15 1.25-2.0 120-200
1000 ≤10/5.5 10-20/5.5-11 20-40/11-22 1.25-2.0 200-320
1200 ≤10/7.5 10-20/7.5-15 20-40/15-30 1.25-2.0 290-480
1400 ≤10/11 10-20/11-20 20-40/22-45 1.25-2.0 500-1200
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