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Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

Capacity:50-50000kg/ Hour

Feeding size:50-2000mm

Application:It is widely used in industry such as industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic recycling, pallet recycling, municipal solid waste recycling, plastic recycling, paper making industry, etc.

Products with parameters

Introduction of double shaft shredder
The twin shaft, also known as the shear type, is used to reduce the size of the material, which is widely used in waste plastics, rubber, wood and other large volume wastes. Will be manufactured in Europe and America the equipment for more than 30 years of experience was introduced into China, which are then modified according to the actual situation in China, R & D, the launch of mature technology and advanced design of biaxial shredder series, for China's waste recycling and utilization of early broken, volume reduction processing to provide quality and reliable equipment. Equipment characteristics:
Heavy knife, knife and the fixed knife broken high efficiency are made of alloy steel casting, durable, long service life
Iron frame plate thick, can resist high torque, very strong
Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.
The unit output is calculated by the theory, the concrete use should be based on the density and shape of the actual crusher.

Model   Power        
PJD-600 Φ200×10 15kw 48 400 18-25 1.45×0.87×2.2
Φ200×20 15kw 24 400 18-25 1.45×0.87×2.2
PJD-800 Φ200×20 15kwx2 32 400×2 18-25 2.15×0.87×2.2
Φ300×30 30kwx2 18 650×2 18-25 3.4×1.2×2.2
PJD-1000 Φ300×25 30kwx2 32 650×2 18-25 3.4×1.25×2.2
Φ300×30 30kwx2 27 650×2 18-25 3.4×1.25×2.2
Φ400×40 45kwx2 20 750×2 18-25 3.4×1.25×2.2
PJD1200 Φ400×30 55kwx2 38 650×2 18-25 4.15×1.25×2.2
Φ400×40 55kwx2 28 750×2 18-25 4.15×1.25×2.2
PJD1500 Φ400×30 75kwx2 48 750×2 18-25 4.15×1.25×2.2
Φ400×40 75kwx2 36 750×2 18-25 4.15×1.25×2.2
Φ400×50 75kwx2 28 850×2 18-25 4.15×1.25×2.2
PJD2000 Φ530×50 90kwx2 38 850×2 18-30 5.25×1.78×2.2
Φ600×60 90kwx2 31 850×2 18-30 5.25×1.78×2.2
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