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Mobile crushing plant

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant


Feeding size:0-300mm

Application:Granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, copper, steel slag, construction waste

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Mobile Cone Crusher Introduction:
Mobile cone crusher plant is the traditional cone crusher and driving device combination of manufacturing a new crushing equipment and core crushing equipment is the cone crusher is a high, crushing effect of mobile crushing station, the vehicle traction, crushing and screening equipment integration, the whole drive, moving to the material field of coarse crushing, crushing, crushing, direct and drove to the site, do not need to transport, save material conveying process, eliminating the broken bad site of obstruction.
Mobile Cone Crusher Application
Widely used in construction waste, sand stone field, mining and other fields, directly to the grain size, especially suitable for small broken sites, suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste crushing.
Mobile Cone Crusher Advantages
1. Discharge port can be adjusted
The cone type mobile crushing station is specially equipped with a hydraulic closed type side adjusting device. The adjustment is carried out by the control box, so that the system is very suitable for occasions which need to adjust the parameters of the discharge port regularly. Configuration flexible, combination of various ways, can form a multi segment crushing and screening system, comprehensive processing, production flexible and efficient, can meet customer requirements of a variety of broken.
2. Fully hydraulic closed type side adjusting device
Cone type mobile crushing loading station of main equipment cone crusher is, with full hydraulic closed side adjusting device, can be adjusted quickly and easily broken machine set, the production of aggregate size can be adjust, is carried out by a control box, make this system is well suited to regular adjustment parameters of whole discharging port of the occasion.
3. Flexible working space
Streamlined body design, ship steel structure, flexible, small turning radius, for ordinary road; hidden traction frame to make the space more compact and reasonable, to stationed in reasonable construction area, as a whole crushing process provides more flexible working space.
4. Excellent crushing performance
Complete set equipment configuration is our multi-functional, high-efficiency quality crushing equipment, with compact and reasonable structure design, excellent breaking performance, and stable and reliable product quality, maximum satisfy the coarse crushing requirements.

Model Technical data Y3S154PY55 Y3S184CS75 Y3S186CS160 Y3S216HP220
Transportation Length (mm) 12000 12000 13500 13500
Transportation Width (mm) 2550 2800 2800 3000
Transportation Height (mm) 3900 3900 4200 4200
Maximum Length (mm) 13700 13700 15200 15200
Maximum Width (mm) 2800 3150 3150 3500
Maximum Height (mm) 5700 5700 6400 6400
Weight (T) 34 39 54 53
Tire Configuration Dualaxial Dualaxial Triaxial Triaxial
Cone crusher PYB900 CS75 CS160 HP-220
The maximum Feeding size (mm) 115 102 C-150 F-76 C-225 F-86
Discharge opening size (mm) 15-50 9-38 C13 F6> C13 F6
Capacity (T/h) 50-90 45-165 C120-240、F55-180 C150-430、F90-260
Belt conveyor B650X7M B650X7M B800X8M B1000X8M
Vibrating Screen 3YZS1548 3YZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS2160
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