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Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier


Application:separate mineral sand and fine mud in the gravity concentration, and clean mud and water in washing mineral process.

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Brief introduction spiral classifier
Spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing plant with ball mill with into closed cycle process by way of split mineral sand, or used in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud, and metal ore dressing process of pulp particle size grading, and ore washing process in the removal of mud, dehydration and other operations. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, convenient operation and so on.
Product Feature of spiral classifier
Spiral classifier has high weir single screw and twin screw, low weir type single screw and twin screw, sinking type single screw and double helix several classifier, low weir is used rarely, mainly high weir type and sunk and XL spiral classifier. The machine uses the base channel, the body adopts welded steel plate. Into the head of the screw shaft, the shaft head, using pig iron, durable, lifting devices of electric and manual two.

Model Spiral diameter(mm) Speed ofSpiral
capacity Slope(°) Power
             Sand Return        (t/h)    Overflow (t/h)
FLG500 500 8-15.5 6-11 32 12-18 3 1.9
FLG750 750 4.5-10 11-24 65 12-18 3 2.7
FLG1000 1000 1.6-7.4 25-45 110 12-18 5.5 4.1
FLG1200 1200 5-7 50-80 155 12-18 5.5 7.5
FLG1500 1500 2.5-6 70-115 235 12-18 7.5 10.5
FLG1800 1800 2.5-6 100-190 310 12-18 11 17.1
FLG2000 2000 2.5-6 160-230 400 12-18 15 19.3


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